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Hi, I'm Masha :)

Web designer Maria Kulakova

My main 3 principles in work:
Quality, not quantity
Clean design

Tilda website development from scratch and on a turnkey basis

Don't miss deadlines
More than 2 years in web design, 7 international awards
Not afraid of complex animation and working with code
//My specialization

Landing page

Multipage site

Online store

A concise business card with important information about a psychologist, with the possibility to leave a request.
SWG animation
A simple online store, a non-profit project where all products are created by neural network
SBS animation
A longride website for a social project, created in alliance with other designers
SBS animation
This can be
your website
Let's discuss
your request
A site-longride about a tourist excursion to the sites of Soviet buildings in the style of "futurism"
SBS animation
First we will call and get to know each other :)
Let's discuss tasks, agree on scope of work and deadlines.
I will ask you some questions about the project to identify the goals of the site and your wishes. We will discuss future structure and ideas for the site.
After the call, I will prepare a commercial proposal that will include the structure of your website, project timelines, cost, and the stages of my work.
You will calmly review the proposal, make a decision, or we can discuss any details together. Once the proposal is approved, we will sign a contract, agree on the technical specifications, you will make a prepayment, and we will start developing the website.
In the prototype, I will schematically show the structure of your website. At this stage, we also work on the texts, and if necessary, I can help with their writing.
Once the prototype is ready, I will record a video rationale and send it to you for approval.
Based on the agreed references, your preferences, and the technical specification, I will prepare 1-3 design concept options (first 2 blocks of the website).
I will record a video rationale for you, and we will review this stage to finalize the direction we need to move in.
After the design concept is approved, I will create the design for the entire website and internal pages, as well as adapt it for mobile version.
We are discussing your preferences for the future design. If you already have examples of websites that you like, you send them to me, and we also discuss them.
I am gathering a mood board for you: websites, photos, fonts, color palettes, illustrations. And I will send you a video presentation with my rationale. We will align the mood board to understand if we are moving in the right direction.
I transfer the approved design layout to Tilda.
I adapt, customize animations, add a 404 page, connect necessary services and modifications, and set up the website. After that, I will send it to you for final review.
At the end of our collaboration, if necessary, I will explain how to work with the website, where the requests come in, and how to make edits.
I will also remain available to you if any changes are needed. Payment for website support and modifications will be discussed separately based on my hourly rate.
After the website is approved and fully paid for, I will transfer the site to your account.
Final cost is discussed individually, after meeting and briefing.
Business card site/promo site/portfolio site. Page for presentation or selling a product/service

Landing page

Creation of a corporate website with a more complex structure: several pages that are connected by menus or other blocks with links.

Multi-page site

Create a website for selling products with payment system, shopping cart and notification of the seller and buyer about the order

Online store

Don't be put off by
the website
Let's get
started today
/About me
My name is Masha, I am 25 years old and 8 years of them I work on freelancing. I have been doing web design for over 2 years.
« I think the main task of a designer is to
reflect the meaning and mood of the business, through design»
I like to create sites that reflect the meanings of the projects and at the same time packaged in a stylish and modern design. I love customizing animations of any complexity, and I'm not afraid of working with code.
I'm always quick to get up to speed on tasks, responsible and crystal clear in my work, and attentive to detail. I am as determined as you are to have a website that will increase your profits and make you happy.
I'm obsessed with clean design and can't rest if something doesn't match pixel to pixel. So you can be sure that I will bring both design and layout to perfection!
I love kitties
I play video games
and board games
Dreaming of an extended trip
with my husband and our cats
I love to read, especially psychology
If you haven't found the answer to your question, you can contact me and I will answer your questions
I am open to cooperation and interesting proposals
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